Amy Stein Photography | Watch Me Grow Package

The Watch Me Grow Package has been re-worked from how it has been over the past 6 years.  In the past clients paid the session fees for all 5 milestone sessions (newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year sessions) all up front at the newborn session and then only had the financial responsibility of paying for whatever they ordered and no session fee each time they came the rest of the year.  On my end the idea was that I could financially survive off of the orders each month even though the session fees weren't paid at each session.  However, the majority of my clients were not ever ordering or waiting until after the year session to order from all 5 sessions.  In doing this I was receiving income at their newborn session, but often not again until after the 1 year session when they would finally decide to order and sometimes never at all when no order was ever placed.  In the months in between the Watch Me Grow sessions were filling up my calendar making it to where I had no room for other paying sessions in those months.  With no orders coming off of the sessions and no session fees being paid, I was financially struggling due to all of the non-ordering Watch Me Grow sessions each month.  So....I had to make changes.  On the Watch Me Grow package before it was a $100 savings on the session fees.  It is still a $100 savings.  However, that $100 savings is not given until the final session, the 1 year session as a "thank you" for booking 5 sessions in one year.  Each of the milestone sessions must be booked individually and paid for as regular clients would pay.  If a newborn, 3 month, 6 month, and 9 month (these can be mini sessions, regular sessions, or extended sessions) are all booked and paid for, then a $100 discount will be given on the 1 year session.  The Watch Me Grow complimentary video will still be given which gives you a keepsake video of your baby's pictures from newborn up to 1 year set to music.  They are only little once and having the pics to celebrate each milestone is something you will cherish for years to come!  The milestones I am looking for are below.  It is not necessary to do them at these ages...some babies don't sit up until 7 months and that is okay!

  • Newborn....brand new and sleepy poses.
  • 3 Month....alert, awake, eye contact, and if they can...tummy time (and bonus to catch those first smiles)
  • 6 Months....Sitting up unassisted, or with a little assistance, tummy time with arms pushed up, lots of smiles
  • 9 Months....Standing while holding onto a prop
  • 1 Year....celebration of birthday with birthday themed pics and possibly cake!