Amy Stein Photography | Pet Photography

Pet Mini Sessions are $50 and last about 15-20 minutes.  These are limited to one pet only.  You will receive a CD with approximately 10 edited pictures of your pet and a print release form.


Pet Regular Sessions are $100 and last anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.  You will receive a CD with approximately 30 edited pictures of your pet and a print release form.  These are great for people who have more than one pet, want indoor and outdoor pictures of their pet, or just want extra time to ensure their pet will cooperate!  


  • Your pet must be people friendly!  I need to be able to handle it without the fear of being bit.
  • Your pet must be healthy.  I have SIX pets of my own that are like kids to me.  I cannot risk a sick animal being brought in and infecting my babies.  Please be respectful and honest to protect my pets.
  • Your pet needs to be potty trained OR you need to be willing to hold it when we are not taking pictures.  Please do not let your pet run all over my studio as they will have accidents.  Even the potty trained ones will.  Sadly I've done a lot of pet pictures and have a lot of pets of my own so accidents have happened and no matter how well I clean, dogs can sniff them out and it will encourage even a potty trained pet to leave their mark.  I cannot risk my studio being ruined due to peeing pets at photo shoots.  Please bring your dog on a leash and keep it with you or hold it in between shots so accidents don't happen.  If they do, we deal with it...but please do your best to help me prevent it!  
  • I use treats and squeaky toys to get their attention.  If there is something they like from home that will make them look please bring it!