Session fees are due the date the session is held with no exceptions.  Cash or check is accepted the day of the session or you are welcome to drop it by in advance to get it taken care of.  Message me for details on where to drop it off.  Credit cards are also accepted BEFORE the date of the session if need be.  Please let me know if paying by card and an invoice can be sent to your email to allow you to pay before coming.  Payments may be made in advance as well if a payment plan is needed.


Regular Sessions:  $60 Session Fee

30 minutes to an hour of pictures in one location only.  Regular sessions typically produce anywhere from 100-150 proofs to view.

Extended Sessions:  $75 Session Fee

1 - 1.5 hours of pics in two locations.  This is good for those that want both indoor and outdoor pictures, or outdoor pictures in two different locations.  Extended sessions usually produce anywhere from 100-200 proofs to view.

Newborn Sessions:  $80 Session Fee

My ultimate goal is one hour on a newborn, but that rarely happens.  They generally end up being about 2 hours long.  If after 2 hours the baby is being super uncooperative still I will normally call it quits and you just get what ever we got.  However, if the baby is finally cooperating at the 2 hour mark and it looks optimistic for getting some pictures I will go for 2.5 hours.  I generally will not try longer than 2.5 hours on a newborn.  90% of the time I can get the baby to cooperate in 2 hours of time...but there are always a few that just won't have it and there is nothing I can do about that!   It is a risk you take!  For newborns I have quite a selection of things to dress your baby in if you do not have anything!  

Watch Me Grow Package:  $300

This is a session fee package that covers the session fees for a newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 1 year cake smash session.  If each session were paid for individually it would be $360 worth of session fees paid.  For pre-paying for all 5 sessions up front at the newborn session you receive a $60 discount which is like getting one of the regular sessions done for free!  This is covering the session fees only (and cake and balloons).  At the conclusion of each session you would still be responsible for whatever you choose to order.  Not only do you receive a $60 discount, but you are also guaranteed a spot on my calendar for the year and my Watch Me Grow Clients get first choice of dates before my regular bookings.  Also, at the conclusion of the year you receive a video of pictures from each session set to music.  This is my most popular package!

Birthing Sessions:  $300

Birthing sessions cover up to 4 hours of coverage of your delivery day as well as about 4 hours of computer work.  If I am asked to be there longer than 4 hours it is billed at $50 per hour.  These sessions are priceless as years down the road you can look back and remember those tender moments when you were first meeting your new little one.  I capture moments before delivery showing your struggles, the doctor holding baby up for the first breath, dad cutting the umbilical cord, the nurses checking the baby, weighing the baby, etc.  I leave the room when the nurses are checking you and stay at the head of the bed during the delivery so your privacy is protected and no "compromising" pictures are taken.  It is very tastefully done and something you will cherish for life!  A complimentary video of your birth story is provided with this session!  Message me for a sample of my work so you can see that there is nothing "embarrassing" about these photos...just pure, innocent beauty!  I offer a discounted rate of $60 for a newborn session if booked with a birthing session as well.  

1st Birthday Sessions:  $100  

These sessions are about an hour long and include some regular pictures, some birthday themed pictures with balloons, some cake smash pictures, and then a clean up bubble bath picture.  They can be done indoors or outdoors.   The cake and balloons for the session are provided by me.  You are involved in the decisions on how the cake looks as far as theme and color goes.   If you would like to provide your own cake and balloons instead of having me provide them, then the session fee is $75.  It is higher then a regular session due to the session itself taking longer than regular sessions as well as it taking longer to set up and the clean up due to the extra props and cake mess. 

Senior Pictures:  $100

Seniors are welcome to just do a regular photo session if they want to keep it more simple.  Or, for this full senior session we do 2 - 2.5 hours of pictures in multiple locations.  We generally split the session into two separate sessions on two different dates.  This allows you to get both summer and fall pictures, or incorporate several sports or hobbies or family into your pictures.  I also offer a Senior Print Package....check it out under the Package Pricing!

Pet Photo Session:  $50

If you would like pictures of your family with your pet that would fall under the regular session.  This session is for your furry child only!  The session can be indoors or outdoors or a little of both.  The session fee on these includes a CD with all of the pictures taken in their unedited proof form as well as the best shots fully edited with a print release form.  If indoors they are done at my home in my studio.  This only works well with very calm dogs or dogs that are very well trained.  I have 4 animals of my own....sometimes the smells of my house are too overwhelming for a new dog coming in to cooperate.  If outdoors they can be done in my yard or yours or a location of your choice.  If a small dog I will provide props such as baskets and buckets.  If a large dog they are mostly done just sitting as they don't fit in the props so well!